MANA™️ Nutraceuticals

MANA™️ Nutraceuticals
Medicinal Mushrooms – MANA™️ Nutraceuticals
Project Description

We have created seven proprietary formulations that use a proprietary formulation process for enhanced bioavailability and efficacy.

These products are natural mushroom-based and contain other natural plant-based compounds with no psychoactive properties. They are 100% legal and ready to launch to tap into the $250 billion global nutraceutical market.

These proprietary formulated products target the following:

  1. Cognition and Immune System
  2. Energy and Vitality
  3. Mood and Weight Loss
  4. Mental and Physical Optimization for Microdosers
  5. Nootropic or Smart Drugs
  6. Joint & Muscle Pain
  7. Sleep and Weight Loss
Project Details