Psilly™️ Pill & Tablet

Psilly™️ Pill & Tablet
Psilly™️ Pill & Tablet
Project Description

Psilly™ is a psilocybin-based formulation that starts with natural fungal extracts (our nano super psilocybin API compound). We combine this high-quality psilocybin extract in a stacked formulation with other naturally occurring and complementary plant extracts.

Reported Anecdotal Benefits of Psilly™️ include:

  • Minimal effective dose (MED) of psilocybin with negligible hallucinogenic effect
  • Little to no side effects reported – No “hangover” post-consumption
  • 3 to 4 hour active period
  • Ability to micro dose with very small amounts

The Psilly™ formulation is founded upon the premises articulated in our report on “the value of whole plants”.

Medicines based on single molecules are often not as effective as blended combinations. Single-molecule drugs are more likely to merely suppress symptoms instead of curing an affliction. In contrast, blended combinations often prove more effective as per the so-called “entourage effect.”

Project Details