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We Are Shaping The Future Of Psychedelic Medicine.
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Introducing EI Ventures

Ei.Ventures is bringing plant-derived, regulatory approved psychoactive compounds
and nutraceuticals to both medicinal and therapeutic markets. Our mission is clear...
to be the premier provider of botanical medicines in the psychedelic space.

Invest With Us In The Coming Mental Health Revolution…
And Let’s Help Millions With Our Psychedelic Medicines and Therapies


Our Cause

Depression now is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. among individuals aged 15-29. This is an urgent crisis that needs to be addressed... and EI.Ventures has a plan in place to solve these enormous problems.

1 in 5 Americans

1 in 5 American adults suffers from some form of mental illness. This is a major problem and yet… Big Pharma has had a 10+ year stalemate on any new drug breakthroughs surrounding mental illness.

Cost of Mental Health Disorders

This growing pandemic has swelled the economic costs of mental health disorders to $467 billion each year, and the trend is steadily rising. 12 billion working days are lost globally every year due to mental illness.

Global Economy Costs

To this point, the Lancet Commission reports that mental health disorders will cost the global economy $16 trillion by 2030.

1 in 5 Americans
Cost of Mental Health Disorders
Global Economy Costs

A Leading Life and Plant Sciences Company Focused on
Clean Psychedelic Medicine and Nutraceutical Products

Our mission is bold… empower millions of people worldwide to experience a more profound mental wellness.

To this end, our clean psychoactive medicine and non-psychoactive nutraceutical solutions are designed to radically shift mental wellness treatment protocols. In particular, our delivery mechanisms and protocols are designed treat MDD and to improve cognitive functions in healthy humans.

Ultimately, we intend to remove the stigma that currently surrounds the psychoactive medicine space. Our aim is to open the pathway for millions of young and old alike to receive life-changing treatment.

We Call It… The New Standard of Wellness

Our Objective

What We Do

Psychedelic Supply Chain

Developing a library of proprietary nano super molecules called “Psychedelic API” (active pharmaceutical ingredients) for the use in Psychedelic Drug Development and Commercialization.

CRO and Lab Partnerships

Pursuing partnerships and acquisitions of leading clinical research organizations for development of API products and internal FDA clinical trials.

Novel Compounds

Our novel psychedelic therapeutics Psilly™, MY-D, and MY-MDMA are prepared to go through the FDA pipeline for the treatment of addiction, anxiety, Major Depressive Disorder, and PTSD.

Technology and Treatment Partnerships

EI is is in negotiations to acquire and/or partner with technology providers for tele-health and wellness apps. In addition we are looking to launch a cultivation and clinical treatment division into the Oregon market by mid 2023. Oregon recently legalized Psilocybin for the therapeutic treatment of clinical conditions.

Functional Mushroom Nutraceuticals

EI’s nutraceutical line of products is designed to bring near term revenue through “non-psychoactive” products and exclusive formulations. MANA Nutraceuticals is launching seven proprietary formulations to market in 2021 through various direct to consumer and white label license agreements.

Our Time is Now.

Let's co-create a legacy of health and
wellness for future generations.

Quarterly Updates
Pre-Clinical Research Tasks
  • Pre-formulation
  • Formulation
  • Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics, & Range-Finding Studies
  • GMP Manufacturing of Drug Substance
  • Develop Formulated Drug for Toxicology Studies
  • Definitive Toxicology and Safety Studies
  • Analytical Methods Development and Validation
  • Clinical Trial Materials Manufacturing
  • Preparation of IND documentation
  • Shelf stability of Drug Substance and Drug Product
Clinical Trials
  • Pre-IND
  • Phase 1 = first in Man, safety, dose finding, MTD and DLT
  • Phase 2 = safety and efficacy
  • Phase 3 = pivotal, safety and efficacy
In Progress

Botanical psilocybin API development (Discovery & Development)

Q4 2020 Start with a Projected  Q3 2021 End

In Progress

Botanical psilocybin API development (Discovery & Development)

Q4 2020 Start with a Projected  Q3 2021 End

Pre-Clinical trials with Transdermal Patch as delivery mechanism

  • Formulation
  • Metabolism/pK

Q1 Start with a Projected Q2 End

Corporate Governance

David Nikzad

Founder and Chairman

Jason A. Hobson


Michelle Valentin

Chief Food Formulator

Nate Sumbot

General Counsel

Cecil Robles

Chief Strategist Officer

Linda Straus, PhD.

Director of Clinical Development

Najla Guthrie

Clinical Advisor

Jack Rentz, MD

Medical Advisor

Kevin Matthews

Strategic Advisor

Jeff Pasquerella

Strategic Advisor

Gopal Das

Strategic Advisor

Grant Trahant

Digital Media

Q1 2021 Documentation

Patent Filing
Completed in 2020

Clinical Development Timeline
Completed Jan 11, 2021

Investment Opportunity Letter
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Form C – EI Ventures
Completed Nov 11, 2020

The Psychedelic Revolution Investment Research Report
Completed 2020

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