Our Principles

We are a motley crew of misfits, outsiders. We didn’t make sense in the world until we started making sense together. We honor difference and those who couldn’t buy into the status-quo.

Our diversity is our strength, our superpower. Woman, man. Gay, straight. Refugee, Immigrant, citizen. Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Atheist. We think differently, we see differently, and therefore we are poised to create radically different outcomes.

We are embodied beings. Our body, and the care of this earthly vessel, matters and deserves our attention everyday. A safe, clean, and healthful world is our birthright and our responsibility.

Our earth is our greatest teacher and sustainer. We think ecologically, in systems. We honor connectivity. We know the wisdom of plants and their power to heal. They are our guides.

We feel into the right decisions and create space, time, and process for iteration and evolution. We value process and much as product, intuition as much as data.

We value integration and seek to uplift healing practices that foster connection to self and others.

We understand ourselves as called into this work by a purpose higher than profit.

We believe ethical and equitable economic systems are possible and ours to create. The language of “capitalism” fails to capture and define our work and impact.

Abundance is our mindset.

Systems of power are best transformed whilst laughing and working alongside those you love.